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Javascript is All Part of My Plan


Honestly, blogging seems so unnatural for me.  Taking my thoughts, writing them down and sharing it with the world!  That definitely made it sound really easy, but it’s not.  At least on an introduction post.  I’m Richard BTW…


codeWho am I?

You can say I’m a long time developer with experience in mobile, game and web development.  I’ve dabbled in quite a lot, and now I feel like it’s time that I  settle down and put all of my time and energy into something more specific.  That something is Javascript.



Why Javascript?

Javascript is a great language!   You can do everything that I’ve done in just one language.  Yes, you may need to know some HTML and CSS, but Javascript will bring your project to life.


What is CodeWordjs About?

CodeWordjs is a site that will breathe new life into Javascript.  Whether it will be through creating a series of tutorials on how to develop a game or a more technical review of a certain design pattern I found interesting.  It will be my way of truly becoming the software developer I’ve always wanted to be and I want to share my experiences with everyone!

Some ideas I have in mind for content:

  • Creating games in Cocos2D-js
  • Tutorials on simple web based projects
  • Step-by-step guides on developing a cross-platform mobile app
  • Basics tutorials on Javascript


Okay, so most of my ideas are tutorial based right now, but it will be the starting point in my adventure and feel free to contact me at anytime with questions here or sign up to my RSS Feed below.

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