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Getting Started With Cocos Creator

Cocos Creator is a must have for any small team of game developers that want to reach a larger market by distributing on multiple platforms. It provides a wide variety of tools that houses the powerful Cocos2d-x game engine. The most exciting part about it is that all of your games can be developed in Javascript!

Features of Cocos Creator


CocosCreator Installation



After Installation is complete,  run Cocos Creator and you will be presented with a Dashboard.

CocosCreator Dashboard

There are four tabs listed:

• Recent Projects – most recent projects
• New Projects – start new project
• Open Other – open a project not listed under most recent

Editor Interface

When a project is opened in the editor there are menus and panels that make up the interface. Panels can be moved and combined to customize it even more. Here we will take a look at the default layout:

CocosCreator Editor

ToolbarCocosCreator Menus

The Toolbar contains the basic scene editing tools, game preview window, and remote debugging information.

Asset Manager

The asset manager shows all the objects/assets within the project in a hierarchy format. You can drag and drop files over it to easily add more assets.

CocosCreator Assets Manager

Scene Editor

Scene editor is a WYSWYG working area where you can work on your project in real time.
Scene Editor

Attribute Properties

The Attributes Properties is the area where we can view and edit properties of the currently selected object/node.

CocosCreator Attributes


This is an easy way to setup and install Cocos Creator.  Next we will get started on our first game tutorial!  Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and updates.

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